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It can be overwhelming when a loved one can no longer be responsible for his or her own care. Parents and other older relatives can become incapacitated by dementia and other health issues. The person who you may have been able to turn to in your times of need may now need you to be there for him or her.

 Looking Out for Those Who Are Most Vulnerable

 A guardian is a person appointed by the court to assume legal responsibility for a person. That responsibility can be for that person's physical care, or over the incapacitated person's finances, or both.

Guardianships may also be needed for minor children when one or both parents are deceased. In his or her will, a parent should nominate a guardian to serve in the event of the parent's death. Courts will look to such provisions, as well as to applicable state law, in order to make a determination in the child's best interests.

 Making an Effective Case

 Informing the court that a guardian is necessary and obtaining appointment as a guardian can be difficult. While in certain instances of dementia or incapacity the need for a guardian is very evident, in others, it can be more difficult to determine. Further, there may be more than one person who feels he or she is best qualified to care for the incapacitated person or minor child.

 Ensuring that the court makes the right choice for your loved one calls for experienced legal counsel that understands how to make an effective case to the court on your behalf. We also assist our clients with annual reporting requirements to the court, once a guardianship is established.

Experienced Representation Regarding Guardianships

 At the Law Office of Douglas Barrett in Orem Utah we are committed to offering the compassionate and effective representation people need when they are faced with such an emotional and difficult issue. We use our experience to help our clients become guardians and conservators for their loved ones who are at risk. Do not hesitate to begin learning more about how you can help protect your loved one as a guardian.

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Acting as a guardian for an incapacitated loved one or minor child allows you to care for that person in the way he or she needs. To find out more about becoming a guardian, Complete the form below we quickly return you inquiry: