You may have been bombarded by other law firms trying to get your attention to file for bankruptcy...letters, post cards, emails everyone wants to make a promises of being the "cheapest" option in town.  Don't fool yourself - most of these firms want to put you into a repayment plan that will require you to pay them back up to three-times what the going rate for a bankruptcy in Utah normally costs.  Best advice I can give you is buyer beware!  Then give me a call.

I understand that you are most likely in financial distress.  Creditors are calling you, serving you with documents you don't understand, and possibly have contacted your employer about garnishing your pay check.  If this sounds like your situation - pick up the phone and call us now to set up a free no obligation consultation. 

You will meet with me an experienced bankruptcy attorney.  I make a living helping people in Utah that are broke file for bankruptcy.  Its time to turn the tables on the collectors and take your life back.  In some cases we can offer Zero Down Bankruptcy options and in other cases you may have to put some money down.  Sometimes we can get some fees waived, discounted or built into a repayment plan.  You do need to understand that some fees are mandatory in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, some of these can be paid in installments.  I'm happy to work with you during our first consultation to minimize fees and develop a game plan based on your current situation.  Zero Down generally means that some fees can be waived, discounted or built into a repayment plan.


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*We are a Debt Relief Agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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